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How To Steal a Dog

This  book  review  that I'm  about  to  tell  you will  make  want  to  read  the  book  7  times.No  really. How  to  Steal  a  Dog  is  about  a  girl  who  lives  in  her  car  with  her  brother  and  her  mom.The  girl and  her  brother  steal  a  dog  and  waited  for  the  owner  to  put  reward  for  money, for   her  to  get  the  money.  She  wanted  to  buy  herself  a  house  and  clean  clothes.  But  at  the  end  she  feels  guilty  about  lying, and tells  the  truth. I  liked  the  book  because, it's  funny  and  keeps  you  wondering  what  happens  next. Like  when  it  said, " This  is  the  dog," It's  like  is  she  going  to  steal  it?Or  not? Is  she  going  to  tell  the  truth? The theme  was  just  like  this  book  I  read  No  Guitar Blues  When  this  boy  found  a  dog  saw  his  collar   he  thought  the  owner   was  rich  so  he  brought  it  back  to  the  owner. He  told  them  he  found  him  on  the  free  way,  and  they  gave  money  but  felt  guilty.So  the  the  was  to  never  lie  to  any  people. Now  that  you  read  this  you  probably  by  now  should  be  for  the  book  in the  library.

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