A week in the woods is about mark who's dad gets a job in new hampsure so they have to move there.Mark then has to go to a school called Hardy Elementry school in 5th  grade.At this school all of 5th grade goes on a camping trip to the woods for a week.This trip is called A Week In the woods.In marks cabin,he gets caught with his friend's /Jason's multi tool. When Mr.Maxwell goes to take him home,Mark runs off  into the woods to get out of trouble. A Week In the woods's theme is not to take blame/ get into trouble for anything you didn't do.I know this because when Mark ran away,Mr.Maxwell goes to go find him to tell him he had seen Jason's name scratched on the handle of the multi tool. What I liked about A Week In the woods is that it tells you two things at the same time.For example, It tells you a great story but also a great life lesson.  

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