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the book ghost hunters and the incredibly revolting ghost is about tom who tries to get rid of of a ghost in his cellar with Hetty hyssop . after Hetty helps tom getting the ghost to leave. The ghost helps them get rid of a bigger ghost . Tom ends up figuring out many techniques about ghost hunting. one of the techniques was graveyard dirt but it only worked at night.I think the author is trying to say teamwork will work better than working alone. I think this because i like to play football and sometimes I will lose but when i play with other people i can win. Also i think she's trying to say this because when tom was alone he ran away from the ghost but with Hetty at his side he would stay and fight the ghosts. I liked this book because it had abbreviations for the ghosts names later on in the book it had the meaning of the abbreviations . I also liked this book because it had a lot of good language like lashing is one word. Again i like this book because had a table comparing the different ghosts for instance, they compared the Asg and the Irg  

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