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Darth Paper Srikes Back! Book review

        Darth Paper Strikes Back! is about a middle Schooler named Tom from Mcqarrie Middle School.Mcqarrie Middle School is doomed  because Harvey and the origami he folded Darth Paper are undoing all of the good that Dwight and the he origami folded Origami Yoda did.And to cause more trouble for the school Dwight is being expelled.So Tom and all the other seventh graders including Mike,Kellen,etc have created a case file about how Origami Yoda helped them in sixth grade. Tom planned to give it to the school council to show that Dwight is a great person and save Dwight and Origami Yoda.In the end Harvey destroyed it but then he tried to save Dwight too.Finally the school council still didn't accept him. Dwight's mom thought they were crazy and moved Dwight to Tippet Academy so he gave Tom Origami Yoda.                                                                                                                           I think what the author is trying to say to us is to be fair to other people or else they might hate you.I know this because the book says that when Harvey ruined everything everybody started hating him

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