Diary of kid cabin fever  is about Greg Heffley a kid that finds trouble every where he goes. Greg Heffley  is accused of vandalism when it was just a accident.He was putting up some posters to make money.Greg and his friend, Rowley Jefferson  wanted to make money by making their own version of a store called the holiday bazaar. He and Rowley went home to posters with green washable markers on cardboard paper for projects. As soon as he hangs them up a rain storm  comes and the dye of the markers runs off the the cardboard and onto the walls. Then Greg tries to clean the dye  but someone sees him and Rowley  and they run away so they don't get in trouble  but later they find that running away from trouble causes  more trouble. The theme is don't  run away from trouble because that causes more trouble.One thing I liked about DIARY OF A WIMPY KID CABIN FEVER is that Greg is the only one that gets in trouble and not the other person that did it with him. Another thing is that there are a lot of funny  jokes.   (:

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