My Favorite book is Esperanza Rising.   I read this book because the picture from the cover of the book looks intresting  and when I read the first page  I said,Wow I really like this book it,it is cool. Esperanza is in English and Spanish I really  like that a I think that this book is the first one  that I have read that  is in Spanish. Mostly out  of all the character  I  Mostly like how Esperanza how she acts  because when she acts she  puts  all her  emotion. I even told my mom if  she could buy me this book and when she bought the book she said, 'I really like this book.' In the back of the book it gives you information and I read it and it tells about the book  little bit  then I read in the back  and it told me that information. My favorite part is when they sang the  Happy birthday song  to Esperanza. The part I didn't like was when Esperanza and Miguel were Fighting.  

Page last updated on September 22, 2011