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Mayrani Esperanza Rising

The book  Esperanza Rising is about Esperanza and her life that is so hard without her papa protecting her and mama,and how papa should be there helping Esporanza and mama with the trouble that they had to face. For example, when Tio Luis lit Esperanza's house on fire ,and when mama married Tio Luis. The theme about Esperanza rising is to never give up and to not be afraid to start over .I think this because when I read this book Esperanza never gave up with the problems she had .for example, when both mama and Esperanza were starting a new life in L.A they were sure that was the best for them and thats what they wanted . My favorite part in this book is when Esperanza,Mama, Migel,and Alfonso moved to L.A to have a bettter life.Another part that I like is when mama got sick ,and Esperanza worked on finishing abuelita's blanket to give it to mama.

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