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Vanessa Perez Baldez Ceja

Esperanza Rising, is about a wealthy thirteen year old girl named Esperanza. Esperanza believed her life would be wonderful forever. She would always live on her family's ranch in Mexico. She would always have fancy dresses and live in a beautiful home filled with servants. Papa and Abueita would always be with her, but one day everything Esperanza dreamed of was gone. I think Pam Munoz Ryan, the author, wanted to tell readers that they can be very brave and believe that they can go through some hard situations like Esperanza. You have to believe in yourself that someday the bad and awful things will go away. the author wanted to tell that like Esperanza, she had to make many hard choices. I also think the author wanted to tell us that some day you will have some hard difficulties going on in your life. I like this book Pam Munoz Ryan made. All the characters seem very real. It was well written and full of imagination and suspense. I wanted to know what would Esperanza become in the future, so I read for the last tow weeks to find my answer.

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