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Alejandra Gutierrez

The Island of the Blue Dolphin was about a woman named Karana  who was left behind  by her people the Ulap.When she jumps off the boat to be with her brother who was also left behind by her people. Later wild dogs appeared and killed her brother. Karana found the king of all wild dogs and shot him with a bow and arrow. Karana changed her mind and toke care off him she named him Rounto.Years later Rounto died.18 years later she was rescued by a passing ship.This was to be brave.The author showed this by being brave without her brother.Another message is to be hard working because Karana had to work to stay alive on the island.What I like about this story is how Scott O'Dell used the language to explain the scene of the story and the suspense especially when Scott O'Dell explained the scene of when Karana's  brother looked like when he died.

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