Hello my name is Luisa Mafi.I'm in Ms.Kouba's class and I'm reading a book called Island of the Blue Dolphins.So far it has been a fantastic book.I'm just so eager to finish it. This book is the most awesome book I've read this year.Also this book is phenomenal it has physical feelings that Karana feels like empty. I know because Karana the character jumped off a boat that was leaving the island and swam back to the Island of the Blue Dolphins and they had also left her little bother Ramo.  After Ramo was killed she felt empty since her tribe members had left she also felt even more empty.This is the most awsome book. After I read this great book I would love to The Black Pearl and since it is by the same author I know it will be great!! Essay I knew it was important to learn how to be independent,overcome

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