Vanessa L.

The Secret of the Iguando is about two kids named Ben and Claire who go to Mexico with theirĀ  zoologist dad.The party encounters with a place called Iguando.In Iguando the party finds many new species.It is up to a young girl named Zirina to protect any species to be taken from Iguando.But she cant do it alone.Ben and Clarie try their best to protect the animals from getting taken and face great consequences that even involve death. Robert Dodds the author probably wanted t0 teach us that even in hard times we need to be brave,strong, and always do our best to accomplish our goals.Like Ben and Claire were brave to help Zairian even if they knew that it meant they could get in big problems.They were strong when they realized that Iguando was worth their own life.Ben and Claire did their best to accomplish the task of protecting the animals. I enjoyed this book because Robert Dodds gave a lot of interesting words.He also puts in a suspenseful and mysterious tone.If you want to know how this story goes and how Ben and Clarie stop the animals from getting taken from Iguando i suggest you read T    

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