The Secret of Igaundo by Robert Dodds is about a zoo keeper planning to take a trip with his kids to Mexico.    When the kids got off the plane they couldn't find their dad.A cop named Zarina takes care of the kids for a few days.Zarina takes them to a jungle called Iguando.When they found their dad they camped in Iguando.The dad     and the other zoo keeper killed the rare animals in Iguando.Ben[one of the kids] got chased by iguans.When        the iguans left him alone he heard a flame speaking to him.It told him to tell his dad to stop hurting  animals      and  to leave Iguando.Everyone had to drink a potion to make them forget about their discoveries.Ben and Claire[another kid] were asleep for 20 years!Thry only remember a little about the secret of Iguando. The theme is to be good with nature and animals.I think this becuse when the dad killed the animals bad things began to happen.For instince,the dad got kidanapped and got put in a cage.He also got druged to get put to sleep.That is why I think the theme is to be good with nature and animals. What I liked about the book is the adventure.Well they were camping in a deadlly jungle with deadlly creatures like boaconstictors lizards and more.If you like adventure read this book.

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