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Series of Unfourtunet Events By: Lanyiia Richard

If all you had were two siblings in life including yourself, would you take a visit for life to the unknown family. According to (Lemony Snick-et) their characters in their story  they would.This story is about how three kids go through series of unfortunate events obviously you got that from the tittle.The hight light of their day was finding family. Oh great the uncle  they never wanted is whom they found but he was twice as horrible.Would you hang your own niece from the tallest tower you have and in a bucket , and she's only two years old. Well this horrid uncle would.Crazy stuff or is it scary? Who knows this stuff these days?Now you won't believe the theme I mean wow it was hard to find in a fiction book but based on a true story.I, in my own opinion I think that the theme is to spend the most time  with your own family as much as you can. The author really showed this theme by,When the parents died the children determined not to got to the beach any more now that their parents were dead . The truth is they  were forced to stay at home and cook, clean, and cherish the uncle they never ever wanted in fact they were so scared of him they didn't tell him that that they never wanted him for an uncle.If they did he'd say," Oh well you get what you get and you guys could be out in the cold all alone wouldn't you so you might want to be on your best behaviors don't you." Your gonna die when you hear my favorite part! My favorite part was when the kids found the uncle was EVIL it was quite obvious they  tried to escape then something went wrong in their plan and the uncle grabbed the  two year old and hung her up to his own little tower quite tall for something little. But while  he was doing that the children came up smarter than he. For instance they tricked him just like he set them up and saved the two year old.If you're like 45 years old and you're EVIL and went to collage why and how could you get out smarted by a 12,10 and 2  year olds.That's so sad.Another one of my favorite parts is when they first came in his house and observed how he lived and around him they saw skulls the two year, Sunny's way of observing was sniffing and bitting so she smelled him then bit him really hard.Then the oldest said She'll bite soft if she likes you.She seems to really like you.In my mind I was so like whatever man.Another one was the part of the  book that said one way to explain count Olaf was reluctant.Reluctant is some one whom at a party WOULDN'T talk or dance just sit in the corner thinking why you're there and you don't want to be there THAT'S NOT COUNT OLAF FOR SURE! Its hilarious how they think thats him, nope!  

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