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The Best School Year Ever

The book  The  Best  School Year Ever  is about a boy named Charlie.Charlie goes to Woodrow  Wilson Elementary  School.The Herdmans are the worst students in history of students .They are the worst  students  because  in the beginning the Herdmans took Charlies'  friends brother and tatooed him with dry earse marker.In the middle,the Herdmans put a dead snake in the thrid grade sharpener.In the end, the Herdmans learned their lesson about being bad.

The theme of The Best School Year  Ever is to not be bad  because being bad isnt' going to get you any where in  life.I know this because in the text the Herdmans put  frogs  in the drinking  fountiant.Also they get in trouble by the teacher.

 I liked  The Best  School Year Ever because Barbara Robinson made the Herdmans so bad at the beginning and then at the end she had  the  Herdmans learn a life lesson.Thats one thing i liked about  The Best School Year Ever.

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