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Genesis and Dayona

The Best School Year Everis about a boy named Charlie . Charlie  goes to start a new school year with the Hedrmans. The Herdmans are these crazy kids who do all these crazy things.For example ,they took one of  Charlie's friends, baby brother and tattoed his head with washable marker in the beginng. In the middle ,they put a dead snake in the third grade sharpener. At the end the Herdmans learned their lesson.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The theme is that beging bad is not going to get you  where you need to be. I know this because in the text the Herdmans got in trouble at the end of the story. I like this story because it is funny and we feel like we are in the book . For example, they put a cat in the laundry machine. when they were finished putting the dead snake in the 3th grade sharpener nobody  in the 3th grade would go near the sharpener for a week. This is why we strongly recomened that you read this book . =]

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