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The Horible Mystery, By Vanessa P.

One Saturday on November 17, 1956 in London City at down town, there was a horrible and mysterious case.

        It was a scary, rainy afternoon day. The clouds were gray, the streets were wet, it's like if it was going to be the end of the world. A couple hours ago there was this boy and this girl named Alex and Jennifer. They were waiting the bus for like four hours, but when the bus arrived, the bus diver quickly ran off when he saw Alex and Jennifer. The two kids didn't know what was going on.

      While Alex and Jennifer were waiting for someone to pick them up so they could go home, they ask a person somewhere around walking if they could barrow their phone. Every single time when Alex and Jennifer ask someone for a phone, the persons ran away and screamed as loud as they  could. Alex and Jennifer were walking all around, but they still ask them selfs what was going on. then suddenly the two kids saw a man walking up towards them and the man did not scream or ran away from the two kids. Alex and Jennifer were surprised that the man was not scared of them because all of the people stared at him.

      After the man got embarrassed by all those people, he took Alex and Jennifer to his office so they could talk about their unknown situation. The man was shaking and had his eyes wide opened while Alex and Jennifer were talking. After Alex and Jennifer were done talking, the man slowly got right off his chair.... ran and screamed from Alex and Jennifer. The man through his phone on the table for Alex and Jennifer to use.

      Alex slowly picked up the phone, called his parents, but when they answered, Alex said, "Hello, who is this?"


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