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By Heather Shortridge

    The Hunger Games is an award winning novel that is so interesting that you can't put it down! In the Hunger Games, Katness (the main character) has to go into an all out war zone with 24 people killing to win called the Hunger Games.At first, during the reaping Katness's sister was chosen to compete, there are 12 districts in Katness's country. each district sacrifices 1 male and 1 female to compete in the blood bath. Katness volunteered to save her sister because she wouldn't stand a chance against the  other kids. Also, a boy named Peeta was chosen. Peeta expressed his love for Katness in the capital,to the whole country. while in the games she has to fight for her life against 23 other people. Peeta and Katness finally pair up at the end  to save each other. When it comes down to just the two of them they decide to commit suicide because there can only be one winner and they did not want to live without each other. The capital let both of them live which started a riot. The theme of this astonishing book is to never give up on anything even if the situation that you are in is at it's breaking point. The author, Suzanne Collins expressed this in her writing by giving details that really explained that Katness really wants to work hard to keep herself alive. This book is so magnificent because of the absolutely amazing details that tell exactly how all of the characters felt while they were in the arena. This is a book i strongly recommend for any one willing to read it.        

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