I'm reading the Lion,The Witch and Wardrobe. What I  like about the book is that  it is  a  action  book. Also, I do not like  the character  Edward  because he  betrays   his brothers and sisters. A character I like is Lucy  I   like her because she  is helpful. I  know because it says she wanted  to save  Mr.Tumnus.I like the part where  the Lion  undoes the spell  that the Witch puts on the animals. I do not like the part  were  the Witch tells  the lion to  sacrifice  him  self    for Edward. Also  I like the character  Susan because  she is the smart one and  funny to. I like the part  were  Mr.Tumnus  and Lucy met.I like the part were Aslan's  group won  when the were fighting the Witch group.  I like the part when they meat the beaver.In the end the Lion names them  kings and  queens of  Narnia.A part I think was not is when the book says  they have  had to leave  their mom just because  the war.                  

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