You should read the book The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I've read the book before. It's pretty awesome. My favorite part was when Lucy stepped into the Wardrobe. My least favorite part is when Edmund lied to his older siblings Susan and Peter. Edmund also made Lucy feel bad because he lied. One thing the author did that I liked was she used big and long words. She also made sure that when she was explaining something that she was very specific. One thing the author did that I didn't like was she made the book too short. I think that she should have madeĀ  the book longer. The characters are Professor, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, the White Witch, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, a bird, Aslan, Mr. Tumnus, and the forest creatures. My favorite characters are Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, and Aslan. I was scared when the White Witch killed Aslan. But he came back to life. I was excited when Aslan and his army won the battle. Thumbs up you should read this book.

Page last updated on September 22, 2011