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The Monkey’s Paw

The Monkeys Paw is about a sergeant majorĀ  giving a family a monkey's paw that had been put a spell on it by an old fakir(sorcerer) who wanted to show people that fate ruled their lives.The monkey's paw grants 3 wishes but unlike a genie,it takes away something valuable in return.This greedy family had to learn the hard way .When they wished for 200 pounds(dollars),a factory manager came to tell them a machine tore up their son.That's when the paw took their beloved son,Herbert.They got their 200 pounds because back in the old days when things like this happened, the factory manager gave the family of the machine victim 200 pounds for a funeral or something like that. I think W.W.Jacobs,the author wants his readers to know not to be greedy because bad things happened to the family when they wished for the 200 pounds.That's why the paw took Herbert. I really liked how W.W.Jacobs told the readers the story of the paw and why the fakir put a spell on it.I also liked how the author described the characters and what they did.Another thing I liked is when W.W.Jacobs ended the story like this "The street lamp flickering opposite shone on a quiet and deserted road." it was a really suspenseful ending.

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