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A very good book that I read is called The River. I like this book because it is interesting. It's interestingĀ  because it takes place in the Canadian Woods. It's also interesting because it has three orĀ  four books that talk about what happened and it uses the same character in each book that the author made. Another reason why I like this book is because it's fun to read and not boring like other chapter books. I like this book because it says how Brian survived in the woods for almost two months and how he made shelter, ate, and lived there. The last reason why I like this book is because it tells you how what he did and how he did it.This book is good to read because when he was home a psychologist told him that he had to do his life and over again in the woods. Then they did it all over again just to teach others how to survive in the wilderness. I love this book I wonder when you read it you agree with me?

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