This book review is about The Wanderer. What I like about this book  is that Sophie and her cousin Cody tell, in alternating journal entries, the story of the summer they sail across the ocean from C0nnecticut to Ireland with a third cousin and three uncles. They are on their way to Bompie, the grandfather who lives in England. Along the way, Sophie tells the Bompie stories, and both she and Cody record daily and life and skirmishes. Cody who seems at first to be someone who takes nothing seriously, casts a  different light on Sophie, who tells Bompie's stories even though she has never met him, and even though Bompie is not her real grandfather. Likewise, Sophie casts a different light on Cody, revealing him to be more than a 'knuckleheaded doofus.' That is why I like this book.  

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